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The first Congregational Church in Loddiswell was built in 1808 and known as the Providence Independent Chapel (top left). This was near the bottom of the graveyard where the shelter now stands, the back wall being part of the original chapel. A plaque on the inside indicates the shelter was erected in 1926, when the chapel was demolished (top right).

By 1860 the original chapel was in a state of decay, and also the congregation was too large for the building. In 1861 James Peek donated the land to build the new church; on Whit Monday, 25th May 1863 at 3pm the Foundation Stone was laid by Richard Peek. The Church opened in October 1864 (central photo above).

In 1972 each Congregational and Presbyterian Church was asked to vote on a union to form the United Reformed Church. The majority of church members did not wish to join this union and voted against it. As a continuing Congregational Church we affiliated to the Congregational Federation which was then formed.

Congregational Churches are independent; solely governed by the Members under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Although we do not have a minister at the moment we are well served by lay preachers and ministers from around the district. Anyone is welcome to join us at our services or other activities and events. We continue to be a growing fellowship bound together with love for God and concern and care for others. Although our services take a different form than when our Church started more than 200 years ago we still proclaim the same message of God's love and care for everyone and salvation and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Interesting Artefacts

We are privileged to hold a number of items saved from the Kingsbridge Congregational Church which was bombed during World War 2. More can be found out about the organ at http://www.tdoa.co.uk/Organs/060218loddiswellcongregational.htm. The oldest artefact is a chair which belonged to Rev Edmund Tooker of Trinity College Cambridge. Rev Tooker was ejected from Dittisham in 1662 for his Nonconformity. We are also stewards for the Kitchen Table, upon which George Whitfield stood on to preach in Kingsbridge. We benefitted from the Kingsbridge church's organ which was also salvaged, and installed in Loddiswell 1946.